How to Handle Damage Claims – Over the Phone

How to Handle Damage Claims – Over the Phone

There are extra precautionary methods that need to be taken when handling a damage claim over the phone. Keep in mind that a customer is more willing to speak their mind in a situation where they can not be seen, only heard, so handling damage claims over the phone requires more patience and finesse.

Start off by carefully listening to the damage. Does it match the claims sheet? Are there more damages then were on the sheet? How major or minor is the damage? Your reasons for asking these questions are to see if there are any clues that the damaged item may have been damaged before or that it is made up. As your employees if they damaged the item, most of the time your employees will be honest whether or not they damaged the item.

If you find out through the mover that the item was already damaged, then be very delicate when communicating this to the customer. Try using the following saying if you feel that the customer is in the wrong: “I have no choice but to support my employee’s position” or try communicating to them that your employees are professionals and that they have been doing what they do as a career. Sometimes, customers will be understanding and back down, other times, they will not.

Most moving companies have a deductible, so if you are convinced that the damage was not your moving companies fault, then give them the option to pay the deductible. Sometimes customers will feel that they can save money by doing it themselves, especially if the deductible is 100 dollars or more.

If your moving company is responsible for the damage then make sure to reassure the customer that it will be taken care of in a professional and timely manner, sympathize with them over there damage, and apologize by taking blame. Treat every damage claim as if it is completely different, because no damage claim is ever the same.