Items Movers can not take

Items Movers can not take

As nice as it would be to be able to pack everything in a customers house to take and load on the truck, there are some items that should not be taken. Even the most professional mover can not guarantee that there will be nothing that will tip over in a box or the truck. By not taking the following items, you will decrease your chances of damages.

1. Liquid Chemicals of any kind – This includes dish soaps, wd-40, cleaners, etc… Liquid chemicals can seep through boxes and onto furniture, causing stains, burns or a long clean-up. Its best to avoid these by simply telling the customer why it is best if they arent taken.

2. Alcohol – This includes rubbing alcohol and drinking alcohol.

3. Flammable Items – Propane tanks, gas tanks, etc… Make sure that any device that has gas or fuel in it is emptied out prior to moving. Ask your customer to do so before moving.

4. Any living creature, animal or plant – This seems like a no-brainer, but if you have a long career in moving, at some point in time you will be asked if you are able to transport living plants, fish, animals, etc… When your company offers to pack, load and transport, some people expect you to do it all.

For most of these items, simply taping up a box, leaving it open and putting the supplies that you cant take in it is enough for customers. If you want to be really nice, offer to put it in the car for them, this shows them that you still want to help them move every item in their house, but that what you can not take is simply regulation. Simply telling the customers that you can not move these items during the quoting process will save a lot of time and head ache on move day.