How to get from Reactive Sales to Proactive Sales

How to get from Reactive Sales to Proactive Sales

Every Moving Company needs to maintain a proactive pursuit for new clients because the days of customers knocking on your door are over. Now more than ever, clients have a long list of other moving companies that they can chose from. Take some of the following measures to move away from reactive sales and head toward proactive sales.

Winning on price has become even more difficult as of late as your moving company competitors have no problem matching prices. Avoid this by offering a different amenity, such as vaccuming or half off carpet cleaning, be creative and be innovative.

Features of your Service

As easily as mimicking the pricing, your competitors can imitate your service features. This can only happen if you dont have some form of patent is in place, it is rare when your competitors will be able to follow. A passive approach to sales will simply not work in most cases anymore, to succeed in the competitve field of the moving industry, you need to take to the streets.

The World of Reactive Sales

In a reactive sales world, a sales representative waits for a customer to walk in(or call/quote online) and then sell to that customer. The clincher is that this customer was likely already going to purchase your services, boxes and/or supplies. This makes the sales rep a bystander to the sale and only adds value by being the information giver. Reactive sales still have a value, but are not even close to proactive sales approaches.

The World of Proactive Sales

Proactive sales are the opposite of reactive. Rather than waiting for your customers to come to you, you go to them. In the moving field there are several effective ways to do this. Using business cards, fliers or gift cards try going to your local apartment managers, realtors or MLS listings and marketing to new comers. If a person is about to move into a complex, and they see your flier, gift card or business card, they may want to use your business.

A proactive approach towards sales will always trump reactive sales. With the way that the moving industry is going, you cant afford not to be proactive.