Recycle and Reuse Within Your Company

Recycle and Reuse Within Your Company

In this day in age, it seems that everyone wants everyone to “Go Green”. However, this can be expensive, especially for businesses. By just changing some simple things around the office, you can save your business some money along with helping out the environment. Here are some great tips to help you get started.


Technology has recently made businesses become less and less dependent on paper because of computers, smartphones, tablets etc. It is a whole lot easier to send messages via email or through other forms of messaging systems.

What businesses need to do more is encourage their employees to continue with this fad. Not only can they send important documents electronically, they can also keep their notes on their computer as well. This can potentially save an outrageous amount of paper.


One thing that people in general fail to do is to reuse materials; paper specifically. If employees still like to keep notes on paper rather than on their computer, have them keep reusing thus paper. By doing so employees will be able to reduce the amount of paper being thrown away but can also save the company a lot of money by not having to keep going back to their local Office Max.

Water bottles can be another huge thing that people do not think to reuse. The amount of plastic that gets thrown away every year seems to always be off the scale. By just reusing and filling up a water bottle at least once, employees can save drastic amounts of plastic being thrown away along with money because the price of all those bottles can sure add up quick. Once they are done with the bottle, just recycle it.


People never seem to recycle enough because they do not take the time to sort through everything. Thing is though, recycling can help save your business money. They will not have to keep paying such a large disposal fee for all of the trash that they keep throwing away week in and week out.

Since we are in a struggling work economy, recycling can actually help produce more jobs. If enough businesses decide to recycle then there are going to be more workers needed to help with the recycling process and can also reduce energy costs overall.