4 Website Mistakes that will hurt your business

4 Website Mistakes that will hurt your business

The internet is a customer’s information source. Every small business needs to utilize the internet by gaining attention. Simply having a website isn’t enough; it must be created in a way that will grow your business and develop internet presence. You need to look better than the other moving company’s website that they just visited. Avoiding these four common website mistakes is the key to internet success.

You aren’t serious. Most customers will not take a moving company into consideration without visiting their website first.  Your website needs to be able to be found, so it must be optimized for search engines (SEO) with keywords and phrases that search engines will recognize.  If you are serious enough to want attention, your website will receive attention.

The website isn’t really about your business. Your website has 5 seconds to make an impression on a visitor.  In those 5 seconds, they should know what your business does and where.  It should be concise and easy to read.  The website needs to encompass everything about your specific moving business in short paragraphs, sub headers, and bulleted lists for easy comprehension.

Visitors can’t find how to choose your business. Your website needs to be designed for easy online quoting and/or an easy way to see “The Next Step.”  It needs to be obvious, easy, and quick.

There is no one to contact. Without being able to contact your company, customers will simply go to another.  Your website should have clear contact information that includes a toll-free or local phone number, a customer service email address, and a physical mailing address.  That way, they will know who and where to contact.

Avoiding these common mistakes will help improve and grow your business!