Why Aren’t You Guys Using LITKIT?

Why Aren’t You Guys Using LITKIT?

For anyone who has had to move their washer from one place to another understands how much of a pain that it can be transport. Thankfully the LITKIT is the solution to this problem and was done it in a very easy, cost efficient way.

The LITKIT is known as being a “One Fit Kit” alternative for moving frontload and top loading washing machines. This has been the best way to ensure movers that the washer will be stabilized and will also prevent damage from the drum by shifting during the move.

For a long time the original equipment manufacturers have made movers use their own series of expensive drum protection kits. Since these drum kits have been overpriced, they also are difficult to install. The companies make it so movers have to install shipping bolts, Styrofoam rings and collars, along with confirming that they have the proper model match and the current machine shipping kit.

What the LITKIT does is that is an inflatable pad is put in specific areas, depending on what model of washing machine one has, and causes the drum to stay in place. There are also other braces that come with the kit to ensure that the washer will not move. Installing is a breeze and all what is needed is a typical bicycle pump for filling and deflating the pad.

The LITKIT has now solved these problems for moving washing machines less stressful. It takes away the fact that the owner has to track down the proper shipping kit for their washer. It also saves the mover from installing the Styrofoam rings and bolts without the worry of losing any of the small pieces.

LITKIT provides an overall less expensive solution for moving all major manufacturers of washing machines. On average, installing the LITKIT will only take around five minutes. This should be a product that all movers, first timers or professionals, should purchase because it takes out the hassle and difficulty of doing it through the manufacturer.