Here’s a Nice House Warming Gift – Gypsy Moths!

Here’s a Nice House Warming Gift – Gypsy Moths

If you own, work or manage a moving company, than you know how much of a nuisance that gypsy moths can be. Relocation is one of the lead causes of the spread of these fast growing and disgusting moths. Gypsy moths can literally strip the leaves off of trees and shrubs around your house, in fact the moth is responsible for changing the landscape for 19 states, and counting.

Since 1970, over 75 million acres in the United States have been torn up by the moth. These moths can destroy up to 13 million acres in one season, so in 3 months. When you relocate a customer that has outdoor furniture or an attic, the probability that it can spread is very high. The last thing that you want as a mover or a customer is the gypsy moth to spread to the new neighborhood. However, there are simple but effective preventative measures that you can take.

For starters, whether you are a customer, or a mover, check for gypsy moths. Open boxes and shift through the contents if the box has not been opened in a while. Many customers that store boxes in their attic have problems with pests, not just the gypsy moth. It is a USDA requirement that any moving company in the infected areas that travel to an uninfested state that you must carry and sign a gypsy moth inspection form, basically stating that you have done a full inspection and have not witness any evidence of the moths.

Many people aren’t even aware that there is a gypsy moth problem. As a caterpillar it eats leaves on almost every type of hardwood tree. The caterpillars reproduce at a massive rate and even spin webs over tree branches where they stay protected and safe. Help stop the spread of gypsy moth by double checking customers outdoor and attic items for any larvae, cocoons or caterpillars.

If you aren’t familiar with what either the larva, web or caterpillars look like, here are some pictures.