25 tips to have fun at your moving company

25 tips to have fun at your moving company

Whether you are an owner, manager, mover, HR, accounting, assistant, everyone needs to take a minute…or 10 a day to just have a little bit of fun. Break that manotany and have a bit of fun, movingbusiness.nets orders.

1. Invite a different co-worker out to lunch. Someone that you have never been to lunch with.

2. Take a minute and think about what your favorite moment at work is.

3. Bring some dessert to your boss. He/She will love you for it.

4. Buy donuts and organge juice for the whole group – movers or office staff. Watch how people faces light up.

5. Come up with a crazy advertising idea for the marketing department, this is especially fun if you aren’t in the department.

6. Find an extremely corny joke online, memorize it and tell everyone.

7. Make everyone a copy of your favorite music and put it onto a cd labled – party music.

8. Have a contest like paper football, paper airplanes, paper toss. You name it, just have a contest. The winner gets 15 minutes extra of lunch time.

9. Wear different colored socks. See who notices first.

10. Smile. Simple, but effective.

11. Group photo! Most people hate this at first but it livens them up.

12. Compliment your co-workers. Doesn’t have to be apperance necessarily – how quickly someones working, congratulating a sales call, etc…

13. Listen to peoples days, intently.

14. Put a live plant on you desk. Adds atmosphere and gives people something to talk about.

15. Ask your co-workers to say their best joke.

16. Stretch, a lot. This loosens you up when you get tense.

17. Bring in your old magazines and put them somewhere everyone can read them.

18. Make a joke at your own expense.

19. Switch jobs with someone, as long as it’s safe.

20. Have a group break for 15 minutes.

21. Do a 5 minute exercise using exercise bands.

22. Watch some office prank youtube videos.

23. Play a card game during lunch.

24. Do a fellow coworker, or your bosses, most hate task.

25. Throw an office/employee party. BBQ, chips, maybe even some alcohol, just to show appreciation.