Mover’s Choice Captive Insurance-Get the Facts

Mover’s Choice Captive Insurance-Get the Facts

Like most insurance programs, captive insurance has both its advantages and disadvantages. Captive insurance can lower a businesses insurance cost and improve cash flow, but it also runs the risk of financial loss and requires an up-front capital investment. Sometimes finding the right plan for a company can be tough. The Mover’s Choice Program offers a captive that is specifically meant for the moving business.

The Mover’s Choice Program is a unique one-stop solution for all of a moving company’s insurance needs. They have a warehouse legal liability are amongst the most comprehensive out there, along with having some of the best auto, property, and general liabilities. The list does not stop there either. There is numerous coverage for moving businesses that ensure that their companies will be properly insured.

There may be some coverage programs that may not apply to some moving companies. That is why Mover’s Choice offers several different insurance programs to fit every kind of moving business. Mover’s Choice offers programs for companies that are with or without a warehouse, independent contractor work injury programs, and surety bond programs.

Not only does Mover’s Choice offer the best insurance programs for moving businesses, they also have an outstanding customer support. Since 1998, more than 92% of customers renewed with the Mover’s Choice insurance program. Also, all of the certificates and filings that they receive are issued within 24 hours.

Through an online library of training videos, Mover’s Choice can also help it’s customers run their business profitably. There are direct communications with clients that will help them to better understand how their business decisions can have risks.

Mover’s Choice has one of the most complete insurance programs for the moving business world. They have a wide variety of onsite safety and loss control services to ensure that their customers are properly insured. Their goal is to be part of your safety management team.