The Woman’s Touch on the Move

The Woman’s Touch on the Move

The moving industry is perceived as a mostly male-dominated.  However, women are coming in with a bang in moving companies; the companies with the greatest number of women on their management teams are financially outperforming moving companies with the least gender diversity.  With that correlation in mind, it may be worth rethinking the gender diversity in your company.

AMSA President and CEO, Linda Bauer Darr, is one of the “poster children” for the “progressive” company movement.  Being a CEO in such a male-dominated industry gave her invitations to numerous women’s power events.  She was among the Pakistani U.S. ambassador at the International Women’s Day celebration dinner, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce at a Women’s in Business Summit, and New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand for lunch.

After discussing getting women’s involvement in politics and public policy, AMSA organized a conference called Moving in Heels.  Men and women alike showed their support and interest in getting more women involved in moving leadership positions.  Getting women involved in the moving industry is a “vogue” decision, according to Maureen Beal of National Van Lines, because “‘Nurturing is in.’”

The benefits of gender diversity in the moving industry are infinite.  Most companies will improve with greater diversity because “the more people you have coming at a problem from different perspectives, the richer the potential to come up with a comprehensive solution.” Men and women think differently, and together they can create a powerhouse moving company.

It’s important to consider what a woman’s nurturing touch could do to the moving industry. Women dealing with the women that are signing the moving contract could change a lot, right? In the future, I am sure that we will see a rise in the number of females involved in the moving industry, as the industry itself continues to grow.