Why networking outweighs scheduling obstacles

Why networking outweighs scheduling obstacles

Often times you will hear people express how family obligations have interfered with their ability to attend business meetings or seminars. Due to this, a large-scale survey on gender issues in networking was conducted.

Several women had said that attending networking meetings in the morning was very hard for them because even though our society appears more gender-equal than in the past, a large number of women have said they still handle the lion’s share of household operations.

Yet in our survey results Only a few more women (9.3 percent) than men (8.4 percent) expressed difficulty with morning meetings. Almost 22 percent of men, compared with about 19 percent of women, said that it was always easier to attend networking functions in the morning.

The benefits of networking outweigh scheduling obstacles.

Both women and men understand that, and this is why the results were so even.

Let’s look the positive effects that networking brings, beyond just sales numbers.

• Increased sales volume

• Higher average amount per sale

• Greater closing ratio

• Qualified professional referrals

• More leads and referrals

• More repeat business

• Better word-of-mouth marketing benefits

• Increased customer loyalty

The more solid relationships you are able to build through networking, the more your credibility will increase. And as your credibility grows, the more people will recommend you.I

Don’t forget the impression of quality is created through networking.

The impression of quality is a powerful one. Consumers are willing to pay more for services and products that are high in both ethical and product value, from your locally grown organic produce, to fair-trade-produced coffee.

Importantly businesses that donate portions of their profits are also deemed more credible.

When you network and solidify your credibility you will see many people vouching for you, your business is passed along with more and more frequency and confidence.

Once you have repeatedly established proof of credibility and quality neither your rates nor quality will be questioned.