Lessen your Stress of Inventory Tracking

Lessen your Stress of Inventory Tracking

Each day you get so many different products for packaging, storage, moving, the trucks, and everything else your moving company needs.  Keeping track of all of the “moving” pieces can be quite stressful and, frankly, impossible.  Now, though, there are new mobile-friendly tracking tools to help you take control of the inventory.  Imagine how much simpler your business will be by simply having immediate access to accurate inventory information.  You will be able to tell exact information to customers and suppliers, and never get behind on any of your necessary products.

The following five mobile applications will allow you to update and check your inventory at all times from absolutely anywhere.

Lettuce is an iPad app that integrates other systems like order capture, payment processing, shipping and tracking, customer relationship management, and sales and order analysis.  Using Lettuce will combine all of that information into one program, eliminating the wasted time it takes to enter all of that information in different places.  With the use of iCloud, you can access Lettuce from your desktop or laptop as well.  It costs about $59 a month for one user, plus an additional $25 for each additional user.

The Goods Order Inventory helps manage orders, inventory, and sales on any mobile device.  It isn’t integrated with any other services like Lettuce, but it can be exported to view the data on a spreadsheet or the like.  It is a good alternative for a simple way to track your inventory on the go.  The Goods Order Inventory app is free and available to all iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry users.

Canvas is an application that can be used on iOS, Android, and BlackBerry mobile platforms.  It collects a lot of different data types, including inventory and damage and loss reports.  In order to run Canvas, you need to install the free Canvas Smart Client where collected data can be downloaded into a spreadsheet or exported as a PDF.  The first 30-days are free, but then Canvas is $20 a month or $210 a year for unlimited use.

The Android application called Inventory Tracker will allow your moving company to track inventory, sales, payments, shipments, and balance data.  You can export the data onto a spreadsheet and customize it how you please.  This simple, efficient app only costs $5.99.

The most basic inventory management application is called Business Inventory, and is available for iOS only.  Business Inventory allows you to track product levels, order, sales, and deliveries.  While it is only available for iOS, you can email the data or export it to a spreadsheet, and it only costs 99 cents.

With the aid of any of these mobile apps catered to your businesses needs, you will have your inventory at the tip of your fingers always in order to have more efficient and accurate business.