How to be more productive without completely disconnecting

How to be more productive without completely disconnecting

We are all extremely connected to everything these days.  We check our email as soon as we wake up. We send text messages or make calls from anywhere. We can check anything online.  We are constantly connected, and you would think that helps your productivity.  But, in reality, if you don’t take a break every once in a while, you could actually be hurting your effectiveness.  In fact, a 2012 study by the University of California found that if you are cut off from work and email periodically, your stress level will significantly decrease and you will be more focused.

You may think that you can’t disconnect; your entire moving company is counting on you.  But in order to decrease stress and increase efficiency, you need to have some tech-free time. Here are some tips on how to give yourself a break to not only help you, but help your moving business as a whole.

1. Use a gatekeeper

Business owners used to use secretaries who used their skills to interfere with you and “unnecessary” focus on business.  However, now, technology takes control.

An assistant can take calls while you’re busy with something else or take over if you need a day off.  If you don’t like that idea, simple change your voicemail message to tell your callers that you’re unavailable and turn off instant messaging when you’re busy with something else.  Filter what is important for the moment and what’s not so you can use your energy effectively.

2. Figure out you’re prime time

Everyone is different when it comes to productivity or creativity or focus.  Maybe you’re most focused first thing in the morning, or you have brilliant ideas around 4 p.m.  Figure out when you’re most productive and block out those windows every day.  Just an hour or two of being disconnected each day can make a huge difference in how creative, focused, and efficient you are in your work.

3. Use your apps to block your apps

While our technology is supposed to help us effectively use our time, there are numerous apps who can distract us from the task at hand.  However, there are apps that will block those apps to help us disconnect.  AntiSocial and Freedom are site blockers, so they will make websites that suck your energy and time (like Facebook) unavailable for an amount of time that you choose.  Other apps like I’m Sleeping and Ultimate Call Block offer “do not disturb” functions, so you can focus on your work.  These apps can help you monopolize your time and be more efficient for your moving company.

4. Change your culture

If you’re moving company is “always on,” it’s not going to change overnight.  But if you create a communication hierarchy, your business will have newly created boundaries.  For example, if something is urgent, call and send a text message.  If something isn’t as important, though, just simply send an e-mail.  You can set boundaries for anything you’d like to maximize your company’s efficiency and focus.  Tailor it to what your moving company needs and make sure everyone is on the same page.

If you spend your time constantly on, you’re going to turn to auto-pilot and your moving company will suffer.  Give yourself a break with the above tips and watch you and your company improve.