How to be both skeptic and open

How to be both skeptic and open

The key to success in today’s market is to be creative.  Any small business who wants to survive should be novel and innovative.  Sometimes that isn’t too easy for a leader.  You’re being pulled in multiple directions: be open to risky decisions and protect your company.  It is a constant battle between openness and skepticism.  It is important for a leader to understand how to successfully manage the balance between these two opposites in order to help your company survive.  Encourage creative ideas while protecting your business with these four tips.

1. Be open to all ideas– During the brainstorming phase, it is essential to be open to any and all suggestions.  Creative thought comes from a collaboration of lots of different, crazy, innovative ideas. You should assume that every idea, no matter how strange it sounds, has the potential to be great. If you are open to novelty, you will cultivate an open environment that will innately have a sense of safety.  Encourage your employees to take risks in a safe environment.

2. Avoid criticism– Each idea will obviously have pros and cons and could be improved.  Encourage a debate with team members to make an idea better by raising specific issues from the idea as a whole. Each improvement makes an idea stronger and more probable.  This goes back to the openness factor; you mustn’t say no to ideas right away.  Instead of criticizing, just try to brainstorm and improve the idea.  An environment without criticism will be safe for your company.

3. Create low-cost prototypes– After the brainstorming phase, figure out which ideas were the most exciting and relevant for your team.  Choose a good mix of both risky and safe ideas and test them out.  Spend time making each idea come to life by testing them quickly and cheaply.

4. Be skeptical about money– After you’ve created a sketch or prototype, be as critical as possible; bring out the skeptic in you.  The skepticism is important when figuring out how much money to spend.  Gather as much information as possible about each idea and figure out how well it will help your moving company reach your goals.  Be ruthless and don’t hold back. Do what is best for your business.

In order to be a successful business, you need to constantly be updating and coming up with innovative ideas.  Be open to strangeness but don’t spend money too widely and your company is bound to thrive.