Valuable Global Moves

Valuable Global Moves

The economic crisis has hit just about every market possible.  And the moving industry is no exception.  From local moves to the global moving market, it’s been hit hard and introduced a whole new debate over price and value.  It is obvious that if you lower your prices you will get more business, be it local or global.  However, when it comes to the issues the other markets are facing as well, value prevails.

The global moving market has had a whole new wave of business in order to account for all of the international moves employees of multinational companies have been forced to make to try to better their business.

Multinational companies have had to make crucial decisions in order to manage both the competitive market and human capital costs during this recession. Ed Hannibal, partner and leader of global mobility business in North America for the Mercer human capital consulting company in New York, said that with any sign of economic recovery abroad makes employers deploy their workers.  However, the cost of moving a senior executive and their family abroad is also extremely expensive.  Multinational companies are constantly juggling the costs and benefits of every global move.

Therefore, companies are acquiring a cautious outlook on global moves, evaluating exactly what their business goals are.  Executive vice president of Cartus Corporation John Arcario highlighted the new cautious view of relocations in the firm’s “Biggest Relocation Challenges: International Assignments” survey.  The survey respondents overwhelmingly cited the cost of international relocation as the biggest challenge.  Furthermore, when an employee agrees to an overseas employment, they are already planning their return back to the States.  The survey emphasized repatriation and career management as the top issues that companies need to improve on.  They need to balance both talent and the importance of global mobility.

Employee relocations are embedded with such complexity that value should certainly be more important than price.  Yes, moves are expensive.  Yes, when someone is already being relocated against their desire.  But if a moving company wants to succeed and gain the reputation of “that company to use when going abroad,” it is imperative to stress value over price.

The complexities that come with international relocations for multinational companies call for high value movers.