How Much Should You Tip Movers?

moversWhen it comes to the question of how much you need to tip the movers, most of the time you would get confused. The answer to this question can be best learnt from the example of a lady who used the service of a popular portable/mobile container shipping option for managing her move between New York City and the Gulf Coast in Florida.

She found out that the mover didn’t provide services at her Brooklyn address. Then, she got in contact with a small local mover after getting recommendation from the website. However, she found that the mover’s schedule was full. In addition, the small mover couldn’t handle an interstate move too.

Next, she called a popular and large national van line’s agency and received an estimate. A tip must always reflect the appreciation level you want to show for a job. Most of the time, movers are more than satisfied if the customer buys them some coffee, sports drink, hot cocoa or cold water.

They can also feel good if you invite them to use your restroom to get cleaned up. There are many other ways to tip a mover that can include giving a home-baked cake, cookies or just $2 coins. However, $10 to $20 per worker is the typical tip offered across the horizon.

You can think of giving a lunch or light snacks if the loading, unloading or packing goes beyond 5 to 6 hours. Such an act would help expedite the job and also allow you to keep track of the crew activities.

Make sure never to give any property to a mover without a release signed at the hands of the homeowner. It is common to come across claims and complaints where items are allegedly taken off homes without the knowledge of the shipper.