OIG And Moving Companies

In order to acknowledge the many complaints of clients against rogue moving companies, the Department of Transportation has established the Office of Inspector General.

The Department of Transportation’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) was established last 1978 in order to detect and prevent transportation fraud, waste, and abuse. The OIG’s top priority is to ensure that legit moving companies provide the services as per stated on the contract between them and their clients, as well as to let the people know about the existence of rogue moving companies and avoid availing of their services.

OIG – Wanted List

OIG’s official website contains a list of people who have transportation-related crimes. These people have fled the court’s jurisdiction and are now considered as fugitives from justice.

These people, according to OIG, force their clients to pay full payment for their transportation services. They also demand that they pay an additional payment on top of the initial payment. Should the clients fail to do so, the properties will then be kept “hostage” on an undisclosed warehouse, only releasing these properties once they have been paid in full.

One should not apprehend the persons listed on the wanted list, as most of them are believed to be armed and dangerous. Do not try to make contact with them, but instead, call the local police department immediately should you see any of these people.

OIG – Where To File A Complaint

If you want to file a complaint, you can contact the OIG at their toll-free hotline at 1-800-424-9071. Alternatively, you can fill out the Online OIG Hotline Complaint Form at their official website.

It is not required for the person to identify themselves when submitting a complaint. However, it is recommended that they do so in order for the OIG to perform follow-up questions should the need for it arise.