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The Migration Trends of 2012: Atlas Van Lines’ Migration Trends

migration trendsAtlas Van Lines, one of the largest household goods (HHG) carrier in the US and Canada, is releasing their yearly “2012 Migration Trends” reports.
The Indiana-based HHG carrier regularly reviews traffic flow data yearly and compiles it into a neat report detailing the moves from one state to another, as well as the number of moves performed during that year. They have been doing this since 1993.
According to this year’s data, the company has done 73,256 interstate moves, which is quite lower compared to the previous years. In 2010, the report stated that they have done 74,541 interstate moves, which increased in number by 2011, having a total of 80,289.
This year’s data also shows that interstate moves were performed usually during the summer peak season. This may be because it is easier to move during these times, as moving during the winter can be a real hassle.
Another interesting piece of data showed by these migration trends reports is that, for the seventh year straight, Washington DC has had the highest number of inbound moves. Other states that have significant number of inbound moves are Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota, Missouri, and Michigan.
Lastly, the report also shows that California has the highest number of inbound and outbound moves performed in the US, having 12,878 and 156,938 moves respectively. In Canada, Ontario has the highest number, having a number of 1,334 and 17,668, inbound and outbound, respectively.
Atlas Van Lines will continue to release these reports yearly in order to provide an accurate data of inbound and outbound moves performed in both countries. This, according to them, will not only help them improve their services, allowing them to service even more customers and clients in the future, but also help other moving companies as well wishing to provide their moving services to the general public .