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The Law Lays A Smack-Down on Bad Movers

The Law Lays A Smack-Down on Bad Movers

Are you tired of bad movers damaging your furniture and your other items when moving from one place to another? Don’t want those stupid movers to mess with your moving again? Fortunately for you, the law is starting to crack down on these crap movers.

Pennsylvania, amongst other states in the US, is now taking a move against these movers who damage your properties when performing moving duties. One moving company was caught and busted after they thought they were doing a routine job for a customer, which turned out to be an undercover bust orchestrated by the local authorities. This will, hopefully, lay the smack-down on those movers who have not got a care for their clients.

Another company, Lenora’s Moving Company, was also reported to be a bad mover as one client of them, Lori Olson, has had some bad experiences with them. While the quoted price was quite low, the service they provided is utterly disappointing, as they have damaged a 110-year old bedroom set which she obtained from her grandparents. This, according to her, makes them stupid movers and should not be eligible to provide services to various customers and clients in the US.

In other related moving industry news, other illegal companies are also apprehended and busted by the local authorities. The I-Team, with the help of the local authorities, is now taking steps to crack down these stupid and bad movers in the US. Of course, they need help from victims of these illegal movers in order for them to easily find out which companies and businesses need to be taught a lesson or two.

So for those who are trying to offer their moving services illegally and without a care, better watch out – the law is going to get you and will really lay a smack-down on your business!