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How Long Should Your Moving Company Take?

How Long Should Your Moving Company Take?

Moving can be a hassle and time-consuming for everyone, no matter who they are. Planning for a move is important because bad planning and insufficient time can cause delays, stress, and most importantly excessive expenses. Sometimes there are simply too many variables to handle on your own. In that case, consider inquiring with your moving company of choice. However, there are steps you can take by yourself as well. If you ask yourself these questions you can be on the road to a fast and easy move.


Are you selling your home or renting?

Depending on the current market, selling a home may take anywhere from several weeks to several months. If you are renting, you have to consider your lease/contract and notify your landlord well ahead of time.

How many hours a day do you work?

Working long hours or overtime at your job or can hinder the extra free time you have to dedicate to packing and moving.

Do you have younger children?

Moving with a family involves many time-consuming steps, such as collecting medical/school records and finding a new school or doctor for your children.

Do you own any special items such as pianos and paintings?

Large or valuable items require special and careful packing. It takes time to transport these items safely and undamaged.

Will you be able to enlist the aid of helpers/volunteers?

From friends and family to neighbors, any extra help can significantly decrease the time it takes to move.

How much finances to you have at your disposal?

Sometimes you need emergency funds saved up just in case you are unable to locate a job right away.

Do you have sufficient moving supplies?

Packing your things can be a laborious task that involves lots of tape, boxes, etc. Having extra on-hand saves you the time it takes to go out and get more supplies.

Will there be elevators on-site? Is there a convenient place nearby for the truck to stop?

Factors on-site such as these affect how easily and quickly it takes to move your belongings into your new home.

How much leeway have you left yourself in planning?

In the case that things take longer than expected or emergencies pop up, always plan extra time between steps just in case.

There are many variables you must consider when planning your moving timeline. From your work conditions to what kind of valuables you own, knowing these various aspects can help you determine how much time it will take to move. Though you can enlist a moving company to help you step-by-step, you can make things cheaper and faster by answering the above questions yourself.