Moving Out ff The Country

Moving Out off The Country Checklist

Moving Out off The Country Checklist

Are you moving to another country because of your job? The first thing you would have done is managed all the paperwork in a proper way. There are many other steps involved in a move to another country. Make sure to follow the checklist given here.

1. Health Checkup

A health checkup is a must before you move to another country. This doesn’t just include you, but your family as well. This is the time you get a complete medical checkup from different specialists like the dentist, physician and the pediatrician.

It would be best to get the required treatment immediately rather than getting it after moving to the other country. It is also important to get all the essential vaccinations and prescription medicines for any existing health conditions.

2. Utilities

There is no way you can take the risk of ignoring your utility companies. Get in contact with them and cancel your water, electricity and gas contracts. At the same time, ask your internet service provider and phone company to disconnect the services. They are going to provide a final bill that needs to be paid before you move abroad.

3. Banking

Ask your bank if you could access your account in another country. Your credit card must be valid and all mortgages and debts are cleared before you leave. Ask the bank if they would continue handling your regular payments even after you move.

Some of the banks provide services in other countries. If your bank is not one of them, it would be wiser to open an account with another bank that provides services in your new host country. At the same time, it is extremely important that you have more than sufficient money to settle in the new country and to handle any type of emergencies.

4. Insurance

It is also essential to get yourself covered when moving to another country. Reach your insurance company and ask them if your policy could be transferred to another country. This also includes your health insurance and checking which plans or parts in the policy are going to remain valid.