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How Companies are Still Filling Empty Cabs? Part-1

How Companies are Still Filling Empty Cabs? Part-1

According to the American Trucking Association (ATA)’s report towards the end of 2012, almost 90% of the for-hire truckload carriers are finding it difficult to get drivers that meet the requirements of the Department of Transportation (DOT). At present the shortage of drivers is estimated to be at around 25,000, which his expected to inflate to a staggering quarter of a million in the next 10 years. Despite these national trends, a number of companies have innovated and created methods for both attracting and retaining qualified and talented drivers.

What are these methods used by these companies for thriving in such a market.

Recruiting the Right Drivers – The focus has shifted from searching for experienced drivers to those who are seeking to tag along with long-term employers. For example, companies like Imlach and Gentle Giant are using the referrals from their satisfied drivers to find new skilled drivers.

Developing Skills – More intensive training has become a part of the skill development program for these companies. For example, at Gentle Giant Moving Company, drivers begin with 2 days of one-on-one training for learning the basics of the company’s service approach. The drivers are closely monitored by the seniors and they could be promoted only after more training and experience.

Supporting Drivers – Providing support and proper communication with drivers is another innovative method for retaining them. These companies focus on building better driver relations and supporting them on the road to make them feel valued by the company. Imlach for example, organizes quarterly conference calls where they come to discuss difficulties and get updates from the company.

Recognition – Some of the companies recognize and honor their drivers for their safe driving. For example, DAS runs an award program titled Hall of Fame to recognize accident-free driving for a certain mileage. In addition, they also offer special incentives that include additional pay.