Connecticut Shooting

AMSA Lends A Helping Hand After Connecticut Shooting

AMSA Lends A Helping Hand After Connecticut Shooting

Many companies make contributions for raising their profile or boosting the overall morale. However, the support provided by two AMSA members to the survivors of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Connecticut was an entirely different situation. The movers helped the survivors move to the new school.

New Haven Moving Equipment Corp.’s Connecticut office received a call for helping move supplies. The company loaned thousands of equipment including 4-wheel dollies, E-crates and library arts to the school for easing the relocation process. The President of the AMSA member, Roger Levine loaded the trailers at the company facilities for delivery to the new school. The President claimed that he had learnt from his father and the company’s founder, J. Paul to help the needy.

The office of the Stratford based William B. Meyer, an agent of United Van Lines, provided the school with crews for moving their furniture, equipment and files and many tractor trailers. This mover celebrates its 100 year of business in 2015 and has always remained active in community help. The Vice President of the company, Bob Galluci said that they are satisfied for helping, but they don’t want any type of recognition for their services.

Siracusa Moving & Storage is located in New Britain, Connecticut and according to its owner Dan Siracusa, they were moved by the incident and wanted to contribute somehow for remembering the victims. The company turned their 53-foot trailer into a special moving memorial. It was wrapped around and bore a green and white ribbon with text dedicated to the victims of the tragedy. The truck received waves, friendly beeps and flashing lights on the road.

The interesting thing was that the truck didn’t bear any logo or mark about the company. The driver was just handing over information sheets about the truck’s mission statement.