Off-Site Storage for the Small Business

Off-Site Storage for the Small Business

For quite some time, the term “self-storage” has been synonymous with personal use. We have long relied on these as an off-site garage of sorts or even a spare bedroom for storing old furniture, mementos and seasonal goods. Like all industries, self-storage has evolved. While personal storage will always be a huge component of a storage facility, other uses are springing up and gaining a lot of attention along the way. In the last decade we have seen storage facilities that specialize in a wide range of uses. One use that’s been taking off is business storage. Most storage companies are equipped with the proper safety precautions for sensitive company documents.

For the small business, utilizing an offsite storage facility can be a great way to save on a number of things. Below are some common reasons why more and more small businesses are employing self-storage and how it can potentially help out yours.

Office Expansion

Growth in your company should always be a good thing, not something that leaves you scratching your head and wondering, “well now where are we going to put that?” Using an off-site storage facility will help cut down on this problem.

Most business amass a number of items over their lifetime that swing back in forth with usefulness over the year. Whether it is the many boxes that your company’s computer came in to excess chairs, tables and other equipment that is not currently needed, the list can be pretty varied. Using storage for these items instead of a back room can open up space for new employees, new teams or a new private office.

Seasonal/Infrequently Used Equipment

Depending on what your small business does, you may have a number of things that are only useful for a few months out of the year. During their off-peak times, these items can often sit in a room taking up valuable office space. Renting space in a building can be pricey. Utilizing an off-site storage unit is a great way to cut down on these costs.

Secure Document Storage

Any small business owner can personally attest to the amount of paper work and other documents that quickly accumulate in their offices. Things like pay roll records to employee information can start to pile up. If your business deals with a number of contracts and invoices, this can also add to the list. In addition the file cabinets and drawers that are necessary for the storage of these items, most of the time, the information stored on these documents is considered private and not for the eyes of 90% of your work force. Choosing to instead store these items off-site can reduce the risk that the information here will fall into the wrong hands.

Saving by Ordering in Bulk

Office supplies can account for a big portion of your monthly expenses. Ink, toner, paper, pens and other materials can disappear quickly, especially if they are all being used on a daily basis. By ordering in bulk you have the chance to offset some of these costs. The problem? Well, bulk often means bulk which can translate to several large boxes. Keeping a months or so supply of these items on site and the rest off can be yet another way self-storage can help save your business a few extra dollars.

Many small businesses and practices have already been using off-site storage to combat rising costs of rent and obtaining additional room. Some of these are

• Law professionals
• Accounting
• Architecture
• Finance
• Chemists
• Doctors

The logistics of obtaining a storage unit for a business are much the same as obtaining a unit for personal use. When inquiring with different facilities, make sure you mention that you will be using the unit for business purposes. You may be eligible for a discount. From savings on monthly rental fees to pick-ups and drop-offs, different facilities may offer different added benefits. Head to the internet and do a quick search of the facilities in your area. Call each to see what services they are capable of providing, equipped with this information, you will be able to make the most informed choice on whether off-site storage will be the newest hire at your company.


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