Industry Averages for Hourly and Guaranteed Moving

Industry Averages for Hourly and Guaranteed Moving

Being the overseer of Moving Business Network as well as a writer, I have had the liberty to speak with several moving companies about how they price their moves and the averages among the industries long asked questions. It has been an incredibly insightful experience, as well as shocking how closely, no matter what state you are from, how similar pricing is across the board.

For starters, the industry average for what 1 through 5 men can carry is roughly 400 pounds an hour, and steadily decreases as more men are added to the crew. For example the 2 men an hour average is 700 pounds, 3 men an hour is 1000 pounds, 4 men an hour is 1200 and 5 men an hour is 1400 pounds. Stopping to consider why it is common to have such a general decrease comes down to productivity. Typically the larger the crew is, the longer the walking distance is, the bigger the furniture, the more flights of steps. Now, this isn’t always true, however in the cases that it is, the lower the average inevitably is pulled down.

Did you know that it is different for the amount of cubic feet and pounds that can be packed an hour? On average, the amount of cubic feet that a professional packer can do is 20 cubic feet, which is roughly 140lbs. This average is based off of the typical apartment, to the typical mansion (seems like an oxymoron on the mansion part), the pounds and cubic feet stay consistent because packing is consistent practically across the board. Moving bulk furniture typically takes 2 people (unless you have one big powerhouse or ‘beast’ as we like to call them), with packing, you rarely need 2 people to pack a box, wardrobe or dish pack.

Lastly, the industry average varies on the specific poundage of the house, such as if the house is over the average 10,000lbs (typically these are the higher income areas, which typically have more nic-nacs and/or needless toys) but average for box amounts is 8-10 per 1,000lbs. Obviously this is subject to change based off of the customer, area, state and so forth. But this metric is brilliant for Guaranteed Moving quotes over the phone when customers haven’t started packing yet.

Keep in mind that these are averages based off of moving companies in close to all 50 states, but don’t reflect every moving company as far as how things are done or how the values are determined.

John Shrugg – Overseer and writer for MovingBusinssNetwork