Cat Scale Weight App

New Technology: Cat Scale Weight App

New Technology: Cat Scale Weight App

Cat Scale has rolled out a free new moving technology that would make it easier for truckers to weight their load. Designed for Android based smartphones and PC tablets, it enables truckers to weigh their trucks at any one of the Cat Scale’s 1,450 stations and get all the essential paperwork without even getting out. The new app has been named Weigh My Truck.

This new moving technology would allow you to weigh your truck for just $10 paid through PayPal and the weight displayed on your PC tablet or smartphone. Another feature is that the app emails a PDF-format copy of the weight details and scale report to as many as 5 emails given by the driver. This information was revealed by the Equipment Systems Manager of Cat Scale, Mr. Eric Rund.

If drivers want to have a paper ticket in their hands, it can be also be had from the fuel desk. It requires drivers to create their online account where the emails and basic truck details would be stored. Here, the record of all the weight transactions would be stored for future access.

According to research studies, more than 40% of drivers use smartphones. The new moving technology, Weigh My Truck is claimed by the company to help simplify the process of weighing trucks.

The process of simplification comes at the point where drivers had to wait long for getting the conventional paper ticket. Traditionally, it took just 5 minutes to use the scale. However, when the truck stops were busy, drivers would have to wait for an hour to get their paper tickets at the fuel desk. The new app simply makes the buying process flawless. Cat Scale is also planning to offer the app on the iOS platform for Apple’s iPhone and iPad before the year comes to an end.