Movers are Growing

Why Movers are Growing?

Why Movers are Growing?

According to National Van Lines’ Maureen Beal, the most innovative thing the moving industry has seen in the past quarter-of-a-century was the bubble wrap. This is what Linda Bauer Darr has to say, the President and CEO of AMSA. Linda says that when she took over the reigns at AMSA in 2007, she learned about the challenges faced by the industry and took steps to improve things. She made the efforts required for the industry and the organization to find ways for growth using innovative methods.

At this time, the world economy was hit by recession and the situation of shortage of drivers go worse. It was only innovation that kept many of the movers thriving. This includes cutting on expenses and providing more cost-effective choices to the customers. The industry started doing most of the jobs electronically, including estimation, invoicing, paper works and much more.

Another innovation was providing containers to customers to enjoy flexibility and savings. They could ask for pack and load services for a container and movers could arrange it instantly. The moving business required innovating and thus it was able to thrive and grow gradually. Linda sheds light on how the industry arranged for freight haulers when it was not possible to source experienced drivers.

She claims that the moving company industry became innovative and broke its monotonous nature that it had developed in the last 3 decades. However, she claims that the current focus of the industry is to grow and it would have to take two steps in this direction.

The first is to plan and work strategically and implement strategies fast. The second is that the industry must offer a fair deal to the consumer for every move. She quotes the example of FedEx that experienced a drop of 31% in profits in Q1 2013 because they didn’t adapt to the more affordable although slower needs of consumers. Any moving business needs to understand that the consumer wants the assurance of knowing when their belongings would arrive without the premium price for making it happen instantly.