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Learn Life Lessons in the Moving Industry (Part: 1)

Learn Life Lessons in the Moving Industry (Part: 1)

The moving industry has everything – action, drama and adventure. And the thrill of fantasy comes in the form of the demands that customers make. The unique thing about the moving industry is that it would either make you fall in live with it or get you moving back to from where you came. It is only the brave ones that survive the initial astonishment phase and make it through.

Anything can happen on a typical mover’s day – the customer could demand that the plants should be shipped with the soil remaining warm, a sales executive could forget to get the insurance documents signed or the driver could want that the airlines have their flight schedules during his lunch. And the next surprise could come in the form of something hilarious or something that could make you panic and lift you off the feet.

There are some life lessons that you would learn while being in the moving industry. Some of them would remain with you through your life. The most important one is to remember your priorities, always.

This lesson is that while the perks, PowerPoint presentations and the bonuses are important, the more important things are the people and their memories that make your life. This could be experienced more clearly in what the famous painter from India, S.H. Raza was concerned about when moving to his native country from France after spending 6 decades in Europe.

The painter was assured by the moving company about the safety of his paintings worth millions of dollars. The worried painter exclaimed that it was not the painting or anything else he was concerned about during the move, it were the more personal belongings that worried him the most. This included the letters he received from his parents, and the sketches and other things associated with his wife. The lesson was in what the painter cared the most about – the memories of life that get created as one goes through life.