Relief from the Summer

Getting Relief from the Summer (Part 1)

Getting Relief from the Summer (Part 1)

Sequestration Relief

Any federal agency or any organization relying on an agency, the summer actions for providing relief to the air traffic controllers from layoffs could be helpful in providing solutions. The sequester cuts with the Federal Aviation Administration had caused many flight delays leading to lots of repercussions in the country. This prompted the Congress to pass legislation that left the air traffic controllers out of layoffs. This helped eliminate any delays during the busy season.

The move from Congress enabled the FAA to choose the programs where the sequestration cuts would be made. This is one situation that gives the first glimpse of the impact of the cuts. Even meat inspectors have been exempted from the cuts as they lobbied that their contributions were important for ensuring food safety. Currently, many other interest groups are also working to get flexibility with the constraints.

As the busy season unfolds, a larger part of America is waiting to feel the full impact of sequestration. It is expected that one of the most notable actions going to take place now is the one made by the IRS employees to fight their way out of getting furloughed, similar to air traffic controllers. Their point is simple – loss in revenue that would affect all the other federal programs.

The impact on the Department of Transportation is going to be significant. However, a lot is expected of Anthony Foxx, the former Mayer of Charlotte, NC who was nominated as DOT secretary in summer. There are many agencies in the DOT that are of great importance to IAM. This includes the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that has to deal with a number of regulations enacted by MAP21. IAM members look forward to Foxx for focusing on broader concerns, most notably the organization and funding for the Highway Trust Fund. The former Mayor’s role in the funding and structure of the transit system of Charlotte was a major reason why he was chosen for the new post.