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Working with Your Life Partner

Working with Your Life Partner

The Take-Your-Kid-to-Work Day is quite popular, and having a Take-Your-Spouse-to-Work Day could be big too. This is exactly what Mike Shire experienced about the business his wife opened in 2006. Mike is the VP of Business Development with Worldwide Relocation Specialists, Inc. Lisette, who was managing a freight forward business for 6 years decided to open her own business in 2006 – an employee relocation firm. Mike didn’t know anything about employee relocation, but his wife did and the Family owned business flourished well.

Worldwide Relocation Specialists grew fast, especially taking advantage of word of mouth. Initially, Mike was hesitant to become part of the business and continued his job, which however dissolved after the company he was working for underwent many acquisitions and suffered from economic downturn. When Mike joined the business, he wanted to ensure that both the husband and wife work out and create a winning formula. This involved understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses, fixing boundaries and setting the job descriptions.

Mike realized that while Lisette was not good at marketing and finance, she knew everything about logistics. Today, the Family owned business has become a competitive small business that offers benefits that could be found only with a small company. They offer live 24 by 7 customer support.

The husband-wife business has come of age through a phase where Mike used to compare such a Family owned to a NASCAR race setting where the car is driven by a couple wearing a helmet. The race is an event that both cherish and remember for their lives. If the couple is unable to coordinate things together, chances are that it could bring a great marriage to end. Eventually, Mike came out with a formula where the wife drove the care while the husband managed the pit crew and the garage. And this setup has worked for Worldwide Relocation Specialists.