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How To Cope With Stress, Old or Young

How To Cope With Stress, Old or Young

According to the American Psychological Association, the Generations X and Y have a stress level of 5.4 compared to the Matures and Baby Boomers who have stress of 3.7 and 4.7 respectively out of a scale of 10. These figures are critical indictors when it comes to moving stressors.

The following findings have been established by a U.S. survey. IAM members can participate through comments on the International Association of Movers’ Twitter or Facebook page. The Twitter handle is @IAMovers for discussing moving stress.

Identification of moving stressors

The survey reveals that the young are more stressed compared to their elders. According to Dr. David Ballard of APA, the stress the younger people experience could be justified from the types of experiences they are currently facing. According to research, 1 out of 4 young have a strong sense of their belonging to the lower middle or lower class. They completed their education and came out to the world at a time when the global economy is going through a hard time.

All the stressors have been addressed in the survey and work is the most important one out of them. It is essential to find solutions to cope with stress because more than 60% of Gen-Xers and 75% of Millennials claim that they are mostly stressed by their job. Health is a smaller reason compared to job issues.

Unachieved Goals

The young have gone to the level of fixing goals to cope with different types of stresses including moving stress. Most often, moving because of job changes or job demands also create stress. However, the survey revealed that the young are finding it difficult to meet their goals. More than Gen-Xers and Millennials reported that they focused on reducing their stress, but more than 25% of them are unable to get the results.