Voxme Launches Latest Edition of Inventory App for iPhone

Voxme Launches Latest Edition of Inventory App for iPhone

Voxme released the most recent edition of their Inventory app that offers support to LineaPro, the most widely used iPhone barcode scanning sleeve. The release allows Voxme Inventory users to carry out a wide range of activities including scanning, delivery bingo and loading based on barcode. Currently, LineaPro is offered for iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5.

According to Voxme Software’s MD, Max Kreynin, the company is thrilled to bring a scanning solution designed for the iPhone platform. Cost effectiveness and user-friendliness are the main factors that help in effective execution of an inventory barcoding solution. He claims that because of the iPhone scanners, the company has been able to meet these requirements.

Max Kreynin says that the company is excited about offering a scanning solution that is based on Apple’s platform. The platform is widely popular among Voxme’s clients and it is extremely easy to use for anyone. In addition, most of the warehouse staff and packers are familiar with iPhones and other iOS devices. All this means a shorter learning curve and wider acceptability for the app.

Another advantage is the deep penetration of Apple’s platform in the moving industry. This includes the warehouse and packing staff. All of this means that the learning curve gets shortened to the minimum. Thus, the app is easily accessible and highly practical for a wider audience across the moving industry. As the industry keeps evolving with regard to its demands and deliverances, it is companies like Voxme that work as the backbone to this continuous development.

Voxme Software is also going to exhibit at the Annual IAM convention to be held in October in Vancouver. In addition to their latest inventory app edition, they are expected to showcase other devices and applications. More information about the products on display will be revealed in short time.