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General Motors Fleet Goes Mobile

You may not think of high-tech when you think of General Motors. However, they’ve recently taken a step into the digital future by their mobile initiatives for their fleet and commercial division. General Motors Fleet and Commercial is going high-tech with its mobile website and mobile app for GM’s Car and Truck Guide.

As of this summer, GM launched a new mobile website for fleet, John Foley, GM Fleet & Commercial’s advertising, CRM, digital, and social media guru, says it was extremely important for the website to have an optimized experience for the 15 percent of users coming to the site from mobile devices. Foley also says the mobile website is part of their initiative to provide an outstanding experience for their customers.

Of the Big Three automakers, GM is the only one to offer a smartphone-friendly fleet website. The mobile site offers an easy way to find what you are looking for though categories: Business Elite, Business Choice, Fleet, Global Fleet, or Government Fleet. In addition, the mobile site consolidates the full website by focusing on vehicle shopping, GM’s major customer markets, and easy navigation to call GM for further information. GM Fleet & Commercial’s social media is also integrated into the mobile site with links to YouTube and LinkedIn.

The Car and Truck Guide app is another mobile innovation from GM. The guide is an extensive advanced ordering showcase for fleet and commercial customers. It features preliminary product details on the upcoming model year for GM makes and models. This guide is typically downloaded as a PDF from GM’s Fleet website, but now can be used on iOS and Android devices. According to Foley, the app improves on the static document and creates and easier buying experience for GM Fleet customers. He believes it gives GM a competitive advantage and demonstrates GM’s commitment to their customer’s success. The 2014 guide is currently available.

Both of these mobile innovations, show how GM is committing to better user and customer experiences for those in the moving and fleet industries.