Gavel holding up the law

AB 2118 One Year Later… How it is Helping

One year ago, rogue moving companies found themselves face to face with a new law that was passed that threatened to put an end to their unlawful and selfish forms of “moving” people. The particular companies, offered unbeatable low moving prices and in turn held your belongings in exchange for even more money before delivery. This new law that was passed, AB 2118, changed that entirely, bringing hope to legitimate moving companies and offering help to consumers.

These illegal moving companies were offering themselves out as “moving companies”, but failed to express that they were not insured nor did they a PUC license, and in a time when many are struggling financially, the first thing consumers are looking at for is the lowest price. As this began to happen more and more frequently, a new assembly bill (AB 2118) was introduced and put in to action to ensure that this was put to a stop.

The bill, which was sponsored by Assembly Member Betsy Butler (D-Los Angeles), began with a California moving company, “California Moving and Storage”. Both parties thought that more was needed to protect consumers, and they set in motion to update the Household Goods Carriers Act, in which under-permitted movers are held to the same strict standards of movers whom are permitted legally.


Some of the highlights of the bill include:

  • Brokers are required to maintain permits, while also are held to the same standards, rules and regulations as other permitted movers.
  • Any falsification of these required permits, including memberships as well as locations, are a direct CPUC violation of codes and are punishable by daily fines of roughly $2500.
  • As of July 1st, 2013, CPUC must have developed a program of which movers (with consent of the consumers) to be able to electronically transmit moving documents.
  • Additional aspects of the code have been altered to ensure minimum fines for non-permitted movers. As well as the assurance that fines of non-permitted movers will be no less than permitted movers for unlawful activity.
  • Consumers will also be provided with a link via their selected moving company’s website, which links them to the CPUC website that explains the dangers of moving with illegal carriers in turn providing them with a list of selected legitimate moving companies.


AB 2118 has made some pretty remarkable changes for the moving industry over this past year, and it is exciting to know just how well this new law has protected consumers as well as those in the moving industry. In ensuring a smooth (and legal) move for consumers, as well as maintaining that illegal moving companies are held to the same (if not worse) standards as moving companies who play by the rules, and work very hard for their clients.