compatibility of moving companies and realtors

Compatibility of Moving Companies and Realtors

Many moving companies have come to understand the great benefits of working closely with a Realtor, or real estate business. Not only are you in direct contact with the very first people with whom your main clients seek when they are ready to move, but you are placed first on their list in regards to the best moving company that they can recommend. Both lead to exceptional help in regards to sales and growth. Yet it is interesting to note however, that even understanding and acknowledging these excellent benefits, there are still moving companies, as well as real estate agencies that are not only not working together. Many have not even thought about approaching each other to discuss a working relationship.

I am sure that there are a great number of horror stories about there in working closely with other industries that you are not entirely familiar with. For example, perhaps a Realtor may have had a bad past experience with suggesting a moving company he/she looked in to for their clients, and in turn their client’s had the worst move possible. This looks pretty bad in the way of the real estate agent, and it would be unlikely that he/she would be willing to suggest another moving company in the future.

But, then again adequate research must be completed before setting your sights on working in a long-term referral relationship. From the point of the Realtor, they must note that first and foremost, you are a legitimate, legal and certified moving company, before they are going to refer you to any of their clients. And from the aspect of the moving business, you are going to want to make sure that the Realtor whom you are interested in working with is a legitimate as well as honest individual who is willing to work with and not against your company.

A good point of sale when you are discussing a working relationship with your potential Realtor or agency, is to note just how important it is for the reputation as well as that of their agency.  The Realtor wants to be able to refer honest, reliable, and legal moving agencies, as opposed to facing the potential in light of choosing a poorly rated agency, or worse, a rogue agency. Remember to take your time in choosing your Realtor or agency, and both parties will reap the benefits soon enough.