Kentucky Trailer's Leading Innovations

Kentucky Trailer’s Leading Innovations

The story of Kentucky Trailer, dates back to 1879, when the company then known as “Kentucky Wagon Manufacturing Company” was founded in Louisville, KY. While most famously known for “The Old Hickory” and “The Tennessee” which were two of our nations’ most popular horse-drawn carriages of the time. The durability, as well as quality of the wagon’s was simply unbeatable, and now over 100 years later, the company still upholds its desire to ensure only the finest quality in its moving vans and trailers.

With seven locations and over 449 employees, the company shines in its commitment to excellence. Kentucky Trailer offers different locations to meet the needs of all of their clients. Each location has a five bay construction area which is used to be able to complete any specification of trailer production. Including workstations, living quarters, custom cabinetry, lift-gate design, LED-interior, audio and video, as well as individualized communication systems.

Additionally, Kentucky Trailer maintains some very important and influential clients. Some of these clients include (but certainly are not limited to): Rolls Royce, QVC, Patrick Dempsey Racing, Ferrari, Harley Davidson, Traxxas, Gee Bee Construction, Lotus, Sequoia, and Spirit of Abu Dhabi.

Kentucky Trailer Services can be found in Louisville, KY (their company headquarters), Los Angeles, CA, and their most recent addition in Detroit, MI. All locations provide full service for trailers, and truck bodies, including repair, as well as reconditioning, regardless of the type or brand of the trailer. Over 30 technicians are located at each site and each is experienced with new door and seal applications, light (LED) conversions, lift gate issues and additions, ABS, tire inflation’s, automatic lubrication systems, anti-corrosion (including hold backs and aluminum lock) and aerodynamics. All of which are of great benefit and excellent convenience to drivers as well fleet managers.

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