Moving News Across the Country

Moving News Across the Country

From the state of Kentucky we find an interesting piece of news. The expectations of a piece of Legislation to pass the Kentucky General Assembly in this coming year are still looming in the air.

The effect of this would in turn throw out the existing law which allows household goods moving companies (already in existence) to be encouraged to “block” any new companies from entering their state.┬áThe push for this new law was to put it into effect in early 2013.

The initial practice of these blocking efforts began in the 1950’s, and while they cleared Senate, they were never fully taken all the way to House. It seems that times are now changing, and everyone involved has agreed on a change in terminology and language, and the new and improved bill is expected to pass during the next session a little later this [2014] year.

Presently, the bill directs the Cabinet to ensure the issuance of a household-goods certificate to applicants who are “qualified”; providing the applicant abides to all statutory requirements of which are set in motion. Additionally, the bill also prevents any and all presently existing moving companies within the state to be allowed to block any new moving companies from entering the state, simply by way of objection. The bill also increases the fees for certificates as well as renewals for certificates from $25 to $250 and also requires companies to perform background checks on their employees (which can be a costly matter as well).

While it remains to be seen how exactly this new bill will impact moving companies around the country, in terms of either a negative or positive light… We will definitely be finding out a little later in this new year, and hopefully some drastic changes for the better will surface and in turn help all parties directly involved!