Lineapro: The Latest (and Greatest!) Barcode Scanner

Lineapro: The Latest (and Greatest!) Barcode Scanner

Many of those in the moving industry have long since noted the ease and trust of using a barcode system in their warehouses to keep track of inventory. Well, now that practice is about to become even better with the newest advancement in terms of barcode systems: the Lineapro, by Infinite Peripherals.

Possibly the best (and most sought after) feature of Lineapro is that it can be accessed by anyone who has iPhone 4 (and up). The sleeve simply wraps around the phone and is equipped with a barcode scanner. The bar codes can be scanned as fast as 0.2 seconds per item, which is compared to the typical 2-3 second intervals with most bar code scanners. In fact, the only scanner presently on the market that can compare with Lineapro, is the Motorola MC55A, but with its bulky feature and cost of almost three times as expensive ($1500 versus $600), it’s clear to see who will be the winner in this battle!

The Lineapro has another unique feature; its laser reader. With a range of up to a foot (30 cm) barcodes can be scanned from a distance, and with the bright green laser, can be seen even in the most dim of warehouse conditions.

Additionally, Lineapro runs on iOS, meaning it is always updated and any support that may be needed is always readily available. And anyone who is even remotely familiar with Apple products will find the Lineapro very user-friendly. Since Lineapro connects to iPhone 4 (which more and more companies are turning to) the device can easily be added to any company phone plan for a low or perhaps even free price.

If an iPhone is not available within the company, the iPod Touch (about $300) can even make for a steady substitute! It is also incredibly easy to use, simply slide the sleeve on to the phone and you are ready to scan… directly out of the box.

The company who designed Lineapro, Infinite Peripherals, also recently announced a future release of a sleeve for the iPad Mini, by the end of September of this year. We will certainly be keeping our eyes open for it!!