Fraud in the Moving Business

Fraud in the Moving Business

As with all cases of fraud, the FMCSA has taken action against those movers that have failed to provide the service that they charged customers for. It has been found that these companies, which are situated in Florida, South Carolina and Maryland, have failed their customers and have therefore shut down five companies because of their bad practice.

It is important that those people, who are looking to hire the services of a moving company, are fully aware of how to avoid being over charged and sometimes property being held hostage. It is important that the customers rights are taken seriously and the failings of these companies exposed and prosecuted.

The governing body FMCSA’s records show that there are over 5,000 moving companies registered with them, and the complaints against these companies are rising. What is worrying is the difference in the complaints that are being received; the usual complaints of damage and loss of goods can be expected in the moving business. But what is more worrying is the increase in complaints about movers that are not authorized and those that use bad practices to obtain more money from their clients than originally agreed, by holding their property hostage until these overcharges are paid.

What is important to note is that the governing body is doing what it can to protect the public from these companies. Large fines have been imposed on a number of different firms ranging from $56,000 to $88,000.

What the FMCSA is looking to do, is to educate the public in being able to recognize some of the warning signs that could indicate that a company might not be the best choice. It is possible to learn about a moving company’s history by using the FMCSA’s website to research the company in question; know what to look out for and how to distinguish a great company from a bad one.