Mileage Rates Reduced

Mileage Rates Reduced

Individuals and businesses are eligible to claim expenses for certain instances, including traveling for medical reasons and moving. These rates have had a decrease this year, the IRS has taken the step to reduce the amounts that individuals are able to claim; the rate per mile has decreased to 23.5 cents.

As with all tax cuts this will have an impact on your business, it could mean that clients are more cautious with potential moves and look to cut costs in other areas. This could come from your budget and you need to be prepared to look at the lost revenue for your clients and see if there are ways in which you, as a business, could help minimize the loss by enlightening your clients to the reduction.

For moving businesses, this is important information to pass on to your clients. Many people might not be aware of the amounts they are entitled to claim, or they might have outdated information. If you, as a business, are able to offer this information to your clients, it will go a long way in proving that you are a business that cares.

Many people move due to business reasons, whether to secure a job or for promotion, business moves are on the increase. Providing your clients with the information that they will need is a valuable step that can help promote your business ethics.

There are other moving businesses competing for your clients, and if you can go that extra mile and provide them with information that they can use to reduce the amount of tax that they will need to pay, will be an invaluable service.

This extra service will give you the edge above the other companies and will help promote your business in a positive light. There are difficult times ahead and any way that you are able to stand out above other companies offering similar services, will help keep your business fighting for another day.