Getting the Code Of Ethics Right

Getting the Code Of Ethics Right

Getting the code of ethics right is important in the moving business. Customers need to be protected as well as their property and the passing of information from business to client is the only way that this can be ensured.

As a business it is your duty to make sure, when a job is quoted, that provisions are in place that allows the customer to understand the procedure if an underestimate of their property is made. The customer should feel part of the moving procedure and kept informed of the progress.

Making sure a client has adequate insurance for the move protects them from the possibility of damage to goods. Damage is avoidable, through proper training of staff as the right way that items should be wrapped, stacked and stored for moving. Inadequate training can lead to a high proportion of damage to the client’s property.

Modern technology should be used to protect the company as well as the customer. Photographs are quick and easy to take on a mobile or small digital camera, which can be used to document damage before packing and to prove the adequate packing of the vehicle or container. This can protect the moving industry from unnecessary claims for damage not committed by the removal company.

It is important that you promote the right image of the business and use the code of ethics in your business practice. This will ensure those companies that fall below these standards face the possibility of fines and prosecution for failing to comply with these regulations. It means greater protection for the consumer as well as for the business to make sure they are working in a manner that is acceptable in the moving industry. Those companies that fail to protect the code of ethics are not just failing themselves but damaging the business as a whole.