Fraud Cases Down

Fraud Cases Down

Fraud cases where customer’s belongings held hostage for higher and inflated premiums have been reduced. This is great news for the customers and the businesses themselves. With regulations in place, it has proved important in the prosecution of these companies who act outside the law.

It tightens up the business section, those companies that are providing the service who abide by the laws and regulations are the ones that benefit, along with the customers too.

The victimization that penalizes the customer base of the genuine businesses is damaging to the moving industry as a whole. Combating the cause of the problems means that there is potential to reduce this with the legality on the side of the business owners, who respect their trade and the authorities that can prosecute and demand action from companies flouting the law.

Consumer rights and education is needed so as people are not subjected to the companies that offer low prices, with little guarantee of the service or the company delivering on their promises. If consumers are aware of the problem of the rogue mover then it means they are less likely to fall victim. This indicates the importance of this type of education, by giving this information out by genuine companies; it allows them to follow the guidelines and can help to educate the consumer on potential rogue traders in the moving industry.

However, because there is a slight reduction in the number of cases reported doesn’t mean that the industry needs to slack off. If anything, more work needs completing in this area to ensure that the companies who are operating outside the law, receive the appropriate consequences to their actions. This means companies that witness dealings, which are not up to the required standard need to be proactive and report these findings to the appropriate bodies.