Moving Your Pet By Plane

Moving Your Pet By Plane

It is no longer acceptable that if you have to move long distance you need to find new homes for your pets. It is possible for them to move home too; it will depend on the animal and the local laws of the new area that you will need to consider, but it is easier to consider moving pets when you move home.

It is safer and less stressful on the pet if they fly to the new destination; it means less time traveling by car, with the temperature of cars unpredictable and can quickly become a death sentence for a dog or a cat. On an aircraft the temperature and the pressure of the storage area is controlled and this can mean a safer and more pleasant experience for your pet.

The statistics for an animal perishing in an aircraft is less than 0.01% of all the pets transported via air. This is extremely low in comparison of the number of pets, killed or injured in accidents, while being transported in a vehicle.

The airports are gearing up around the world to provide staff that are solely responsible for live animals transported by air. Here they are often looked after in-between flights and transfers; they receive care and attention, meeting their individual requirements.

It is possible to find professional animal movers who ensure that your pet moves to the new location, meeting the individual requirements of the destination, whether it requires quarantine or just boarding at the destination until you are ready to receive your pet in your new home.

Therefore, if you are planning to relocate, it is possible that your pet is going to arrive pampered and relaxed. It means you don’t need to give away family members or to turn down a job offer because of a special family pet.