Business Identity Theft

Business Identity Theft

A new wave of identity theft is making its way through the moving industry, business identity theft. Thieves are associating themselves with known companies and using the company as a way to get access to potential clients, misleading them to believe they are dealing with a legitimate company.

The FMCSA is looking for ways to combat these criminals and ask companies to do all they can to help and protect themselves. It is important that if you supply uniforms to employees and they leave your company, any uniform given needs to be returned to prevent them being used by ex-employees to misrepresent you.

This is true with other items that use the company’s name.  Any fleet vehicles that have logos must have the logo removed from the vehicle when sold to prevent your company name and logo being used by another person.

The companies that are most at risk, are those companies that have a length of service in the industry and who have built up a great reputation with their clients and customers.

These fraudulent activities of assuming a business identity are dangerous, not only to the business involved but also to the consumers they target. They are there to defraud the public into believing they are dealing with a genuine company and feel confident with trusting their possessions and their money, only to potentially lose both.

This is just one reason being vigilant as a business is important.  Protect your past, present and future customers from an attack of business identity theft. Make sure you protect your company’s website, any vehicles sold off, immediately have your identity removed, and your employees return uniforms when they leave.

If you are a victim there is help available, you must report the crime and take appropriate action to prevent the situation spiraling out of control.