Let Your Customers Talk

Let Your Customers Talk

Often most people just want to complain when something goes wrong, and this is fine, it gives the customer a voice, but it is just as important to receive positive feedback from customers too. However, getting customers to give positive feedback is difficult, people don’t want to spend time writing a review when the service was good and they have no complaints. Nevertheless, it is important for the success of the business that customers have the opportunity to give positive feedback.

You can’t force a customer to give feedback, but giving them options, enabling them to write a few lines of praise is going to mean that some people will give the feedback required. Understanding that good customer service sometimes means no feedback is great, but dealing with the problems associated with negative feedback needs careful handling.

Some customers are able to provide the feedback, but you will need to consider the options. A formal letter and providing a stamped addressed envelope will be acceptable for many, but for convenience email is an option you need to consider. It is quick and simple, a form sent via email is quickly becoming more acceptable than sending letters in the post, and it is cheaper too.

Giving great customer service will allow your customers to focus on the good points. Having negative feedback as well as positive feedback on your moving business site will allow customers to see that the feedback is genuine. This is difficult to prove, but a site with a 100% positive feedback can look suspicious as no company is going to satisfy every customer they deal with.

Therefore, understanding the size of the potential of the internet as a business builder is important. How you act can quickly affect the way your business performs and the potential that it has to attract new customers through positive recommendations from the internet.