Making The Right Impression

Making The Right Impression

It is important in any business when you are looking to attract a new client you are making the right impression, only then are you likely to attract new business, which is vital in the current economic climate.

This is true in so many businesses but in the moving industry, you are approaching clients who are looking for a business to stand out. They are going to get many quotes and if your sales team stands out above the rest, getting the business is going to rely on not just great prices but making the right impression.

Only when you are sure that your sales team will give the right impression of you as a business should you be letting them near potential clients. It is not about making sure they know how to sit at a formal meal and which silverware they must use, but knowing the basics of making a positive first impression.

The first impression that you company makes is the one that will last, the presentation will not matter after those first few minutes of the meeting if you forgot to make a good impression.  At that point you may have potentially lost that client for good.

This is also true of good managers, those who make a great impression on their colleagues tend to make the better leaders and managers. Getting the respect of the team is half the battle, most will follow a leader that makes the right impression.

A great manager needs the ability to inspire others around them, they don’t need to jump for others to follow, but a great leader will inspire others without realizing the effect they have on people. Finding these leaders can make your job so much easier, not only will they lead the team but they are also great at winning over potential clients too.