Cash or Repairs on Damages

Cash or Repairs on Damages

There are always accidents in the moving business where an item belonging to the customer receives some damage. Nevertheless, how to fix the damage is the important part, do you give money to the client and let them keep the item?

Most items of modern furniture just aren’t suitable for any sort of repair, but this doesn’t mean that a moving business should just pay up for the cost of repair and leave the damaged goods behind.

As a moving company this may be easier to wipe your hands clean.  However, think about when that customer is thinking of employing a moving company in the future.  Even though you settled the claim for the damage caused by your company, they may not repair it. The item may still be in the client’s home as a reminder of the accident, which could prevent them from recommending or hiring the same company in the future.

Making a repair might be the best choice for the business and if this is possible, it should be the first option you should consider. The idea of a cash sum is always welcome for the customer, especially when moving but the damage will always remind them of your business and not in a positive light.

A cash payment for the damage paid promptly and without fuss might seem ideal for any client as well as the business taking responsibility. However, there are other options.  While it may be more expensive to fix but an item of furniture damaged while in your care, a non-repaired item reflects poorly on the service received.

One area that you must consider is training staff to ensure they are aware of the correct procedure for packing the items and to record any damage already on the item.  With mobile technology and digital cameras, this is relatively easy.

Therefore, before paying out cash for damage, think about the viewpoint of the customer who looks at the damage daily and might not consider your company for future business opportunities.