Advancement In Truck Technology

Advancement In Truck Technology

One of the main aims of current technology in relation to the motor industry is to remove the drivers.  This will eliminate human error from the equation and will likely make driving a safer experience.

Many manufacturers are looking at the car in the first instance with companies like Google, who already own and develop driver-less vehicles, as well as Nissan promising they will have cars that will not need a driver available by 2020. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has even voiced an opinion that change is coming, in relation to cars in the very near future.

What is surprising is the results in surveys conducted asking the opinions of people if they would use driver-less cars and the response is favorable, even with parents using driver-less cars to take children to school.

This technology is first looking at taking on the car, but in the future, introduction of this technology into larger vehicles like trucks is a reality.

The army has interests in developing driver-less vehicles.  They already have the capacity to produce some unmanned vehicles. The aim is to develop this further at TARDEC, the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research Development and Engineering Center. Here they are looking to develop the principles with using automotive technology, which can reduce the costs involved with fuel and travel while improving the safety of the vehicles and their occupants.

The future is closer than many people can imagine with the possibilities becoming reality and the capabilities of cars that can drive themselves. They are able to take away the errors of the human driver through the highly programmed computers and sensors that relay this information, allowing the cars to function and respond to outside stimulation and road conditions.

Therefore, the future of driving is changing and developing but this reduces the need for qualified drivers to operate the vehicles.