Joining Forces For A Better Industry

Joining Forces For A Better Industry

The IAM is looking to bring together all the different organizations that jointly affect the moving business. Bringing together different organizations creates a stronger industry.

One aim of the IAM is to coordinate all of their events and meetings to coincide with other moving conventions with the sole purpose to save time and money for moving businesses.

It is not just about organizations within America, it is about collaborating with the aim to standardize the moving business globally. This will make International moves for businesses or individuals looking to relocate as simple as it possibly can.

This is possible with the connections the IAM has with BAR, British Association of Removers, and SMF, The Swedish Movers Federation.  These are just a couple of the International organizations they are working with to produce the ISO, International Standard, in the next year. This will make things more clear as to how to move people or businesses around the world following the same guidelines. It will make the moving businesses connect around the world bringing those businesses together and giving them more power in the long-term worldwide.

In theory, it will make it more difficult for rogue movers to do business because of the lack of industry links they will have. They will not have the connections and understand the rules, regulations, and the standards that govern the moving sector. It is not about restricting businesses but connecting them together with common goals and standards worldwide.

Therefore, the IAM’s idea of being the connector between the different organizations and groups that populate the different sectors of the moving business is great for the industry.  As well, it benefits the future customers and clients. It is about sharing the information that makes the business of moving, one that is able to move forward to the global market and make the changes necessary to make this successful.