IAM Connects With Other Associations

IAM Connects With Other Associations

It is an important part of the IAM to link with the different organizations across America, to ensure that the moving business is at the forefront of a fantastic industry.

The CMSA, California Moving and Storage Association, is just one of the connections the IAM is proud to support. Together they work to unify the moving businesses across California to reinforce the right image.

Some of the main focus relates to some successful campaigns to highlight those moving businesses that are operating illegally without the proper licenses and insurance.  These businesses not only risk the goods in transit but also cause potential damage to the moving industry as a whole.

Another area of importance where the CMSA has focused attention is the fraudulent use of trademarks. This is increasing as a form of business identity theft. By using a company name that is well-known, fraudsters are getting access and doing business with clients, who think they are dealing with a well-known business, but in fact are dealing with thieves. Not only are these people damaging individual business’s reputations, but they are putting the moving industry as a whole in jeopardy. It is important as a business owner that you protect your company name.  It is essential if you are changing vehicles to ensure the removal of any logo information, before selling the vehicle.

Education for the consumers is vital in the moving business to allow the continued success and further advancement of the business. IAM supports the individual organizations that help promote standardization improvements and in order to make the moving industry into a unified global entity.

Therefore, if you are considering moving in the near future, it is important you consider the company that you are using.  Protecting yourself from fraud is important and any information on how to spot a rogue trader and how to report it is vital to the moving businesses globally.